Charcoal Industry Strategic Partner

Formed to formalise and strengthen the Namibian Charcoal industry, supporting the sustainable management of encroachment bush. The majority of charcoal producers in Namibia are members of the Charcoal Association of Namibia (CAoN). The Charcoal Association is the organisation set up to become the preferred contact point for those involved in the Charcoal Value Chain.

Why Choose Us

Negotiates regulations with authorities

We’re instrumental in requiring the necessary authoritarian approval and facilitate negotiations.

Fair Labour Environment for producers and labourers

Creating a conducive environment amongst processors, producers, labourers and international buyers.

Stakeholder Engagement with one-stop service

Striving towards an efficient network to deliver value to stakeholders, customers and member training.

Our Offering

Learn about the Charcoal Association of Namibia, who the Directors are and where to find processors and buyers with our Associate member directory.


Protecting the interest of producers, we also promote charcoal products and help strengthen the charcoal industry in Namibia.

Processors and Buyers

Local and International companies registered with CAoN. Find contact details for each.


Our Association Directors and their Designation. Find the right person to talk to.

Associate Members

Our membership programme for organisations, individuals and institutions.

Associate Members

Associate membership is a membership programme for any organisation / individual / institution that wants to join forces with CAoN to create an environment conducive to a prosperous charcoal industry (including all charcoal-related products) in Namibia.

Our Association in Numbers






Associate Members

Est 14,500

Charcoal Workers

Services that matter

As a membership association, CAoN offers support services to the charcoal industry of Namibia.


Introducing new technological advancements and improved techniques.

  • Better production processes
  • Improved financial model
  • Marketing and promoption of the industry


Putting in place of an effective structure that benefits all parties.

  • Sustainable financial model
  • Collecting and disseminating industry info.
  • Providing labour advise


Managing relationships with Government and playing an advocacy role.

  • Identifying new markets
  • Defining an acceptable minimum wage
  • Faster delivery

Our Directors and Office staff

The Directors of CAoN manage, coordinate and supervise business activities of the association.

News and Events

Get the latest updates from our association. Learn more about the industry and regulatory changes and what events are happening.

Important documents and information

Find checklists, membership forms, CAoN flyers and other useful contracts and guidelines.