Our Vision

“To promote charcoal products which adhere to internationally acceptable standards, processes and production procedures and uplifting the industry by providing training and technology development.”

About Us

Formerly known as the Namibia Charcoal Producers Association (NCPA), the Namibia Charcoal Association (NCA) and now the Charcoal Association of Namibia (CAoN), CAoN is a non-profit voluntary membership Association for the Namibian charcoal industry from producers and processors to suppliers and all other stakeholders. CAoN was founded in 2016 by a group of like-minded individuals within the Namibian charcoal industry with the aim of forming a united front for the industry regarding rules, regulations and guidelines. Charcoal production is an important activity for managing bush thickening in Namibia. Thus, the purpose of CAoN is to strengthen the charcoal industry in a responsible and sustainable manner to grow the sector.

Our mission is to negotiate, assist government in regulating the industry and communicate efficiently to stakeholders to achieve CAoN’s objectives.

Our Objectives

Friendly, professional, and efficient service provider in the industry.

Promote & Protect

Act as a mouthpiece and protect and promote the interests of the producers and promote co-operation between producers, labourers, processors, and all other stakeholders

Market Products

Enable producers to produce quality products which meet the stringent requirements of international markets.

Marketing Benefits

CAoN provides a marketing platform to its members. The platform comprises social media, advertising on the web, marketing tables at the office, field days and expo's.

Solutions Driven

To convey the coordinated views of the industry to the authorities and to co-operate with the authorities to negotiate solutions to problems and to advocate for the necessary legislation that would benefit the industry.

Fostering Discipline

Creating an atmosphere of discipline in the industry regarding sustainable and responsible harvesting and production activities, environmental and fair labour practices.


Provide training, information, guidance, and assistance by trained and experienced personnel within CAoN to all interested parties to the betterment and improvement of the sector.

When it comes to support, we’re the Association that can guide you through all the pitfalls.